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Coverage Areas

Coverage Areas

OpenRoad is Rolling Out Coverage Across the U.S.

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Select your state for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of vehicles does OpenRoad insure? chevron

OpenRoad covers many different types of collector vehicles including antiques, classics, muscle cars, modern sports cars, street rods, replicas, as well as custom cars & trucks. We even provide coverage for antique fire trucks, amphicars, military vehicles, and antique tractors.  We’ll consider many other types of vehicles, so please be sure to contact us if you have questions about qualifying for our program.

What kinds of discounts are available? chevron

With OpenRoad you’ll already save over standard auto insurance, but many classic and modern collector vehicle owners are often eligible for additional discounts. Are you a car club member? Chances are your membership makes you eligible for a 5% discount. Transferring coverage to OpenRoad from another classic or collector car insurance provider? You’re also eligible for a 5% discount. For more information, visit our Available Discounts page under the Insurance tab in our main website navigation.

Are there mileage limits? chevron

OpenRoad Insurance offers a modern take on classic and modern collector vehicle insurance with policies designed to fit the unique needs of their owners. This means our policies are built to accommodate occasional use. Taking a cruise or commuting to work on a sunny day? Go for it! Occasional use is great, but our policies are not intended for your regular use daily driver. That's why our insurance rates are typically so much lower than standard insurance.

What does Agreed Value Coverage mean? chevron

Agreed Value Coverage allows OpenRoad and the policyholder to agree upon a predetermined value for the insured vehicle while setting up a policy. Unlike standard auto insurance policies that may use depreciated vehicle values to determine payouts in the event of a claim, Agreed Value Coverage ensures that the policyholder will receive the agreed-upon value for their collector vehicle in cases of a covered loss, like from theft, accidents, or damage. You can learn more about this coverage by visiting Our Coverages page under the Insurance tab in our website navigation. 

What is Vehicle Under Construction Coverage? chevron

The OpenRoad Vehicle Under Construction Endorsement covers vehicles being built or restored. This endorsement provides extra protection for vehicles under construction, covering their increasing value as well as offering coverage for automotive tools and spare parts, subject to specific limits and conditions. You can learn more about this coverage by visiting Our Coverages page under the Insurance tab in our website navigation. 

Can I sign up with OpenRoad through my insurance agent? chevron

Yes, absolutely! Insurance Agents & Brokers are great partners when it comes to finding the best coverage for their clients. We strongly encourage all owners to work with their agent if they are uncertain about what would be the right insurance protections for their unique situation. Chances are we already work with your agent or broker, but if not, we’d be happy to talk to them. Just tell them you’re interested in hitting the road with OpenRoad!