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Reimbursement for Emergency Services 


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Your OpenRoad policy includes towing and emergency roadside assistance reimbursement. This coverage comes standard in our base auto insurance policy. With OpenRoad Insurance you know you're covered if your vehicle breaks down or encounters a similar emergency. Your OpenRoad policy also includes Evacuation Expense Coverage, which helps to cover costs for relocation and temporarily storing your vehicle during a hurricane or other covered events.


We've all been there.  Stuck on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck or a jump.  Unlike many roadside programs, OpenRoad does not limit your coverage to our network of providers. OpenRoad gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose the roadside support service that gets you back on the road the fastest. Simply submit your roadside claim and we'll get you paid. 

Common Questions About Emergency Support Reimbursement

Are there reimbursement limits?

OpenRoad Auto insurance covers towing and labor costs when your classic is disabled, up to a $150 maximum limit reimbursement, providing convenient and cost-effective assistance in case of breakdowns or emergencies.