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Repairs at the Shop of Your Choice

Shop of Choice

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If you’re the owner of a collector vehicle, chances are you already have a repair or restoration shop you trust. If your vehicle sustains covered damage, your OpenRoad policy allows you to hire the shop of your choice to oversee the repairs. OpenRoad also covers the use of use of OEM Parts, maintaining both the authenticity and value of your vehicle.


Your vehicle is damaged in a traffic accident causing both wheel and fender damage. While many standard auto insurance companies require you to use their repair facilities or shops within their network, OpenRoad coverage allows you to use the repair shops you've come to know and trust. 

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Why is this matters?

Your classic or modern collector vehicle is special, and you've worked hard keeping it looking and running great. Having the right experts perform the required repairs in the event of a covered claim ensures you're able to preserve the authenticity and value of your vehicle.