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Vehicles Under Construction


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OpenRoad's Vehicle Under Construction Endorsement covers vehicles during the build or restoration process. This extra layer of protection covers both their value as well as many of the specialized automotive tools involved in the process. Vehicle Under Construction coverage is in addition to Spare Parts and Tools Coverage included in every base policy.


Let's say you're in the middle of a vehicle restoration.  As you make progress, the value of your vehicle grows.  That's where the Vehicle Under Construction endorsement comes in. The Agreed Value of the vehicle will increase by 10% every three months, ensuring you're covered for the progress you've made along the way. 

Common Questions Under Construction Coverage

Are there limits?

If your covered auto has this endorsement attached, and you've paid the additional premium, this coverage protects you while the vehicle is under construction. In the case of a total loss, OpenRoad will pay the agreed value mentioned in your policy. This value increases by 10% every three months but won't exceed $25,000 above the initial value during the policy period.

Tool coverage? Tell me more. 

Vehicle Under Construction provides additional protection for specialized automotive tools, covering up to a $1000 for loss or damage with a $25 deductible. This is in addition to the Spare Parts & Tools coverage included in every base policy. As always, review your specific policy documents for more details.